Advantages for you

Our solutions bridge the finance gap

with benefits for both suppliers and buyers


We give the buyer the ability to import goods and pay later, without using Letters of Credit (L/Cs) and their valuable bank credit lines.


We give suppliers access to ready capital that allows them to properly finance their production and their growth by offering more attractive buyer payment terms.

Buyer’s Advantage

Longer credit terms to
improve cash flow

Stenn enables open account terms from your international suppliers, deferring cash outflows and improving working capital. Stenn helps you set payment terms that best suit your business, rather than conforming to the terms offered by your suppliers.

No impact on
current financing

The Stenn Supply Chain Finance program is an unsecured facility. Repayment to Stenn is recorded as a short-term trade payable that is non-invasive and does not affect your existing financing arrangements.

No use of
credit line

When providing the supplier with a letter of credit, you tie up availability under your existing credit line. Making purchases using an L/C is a cumbersome process that exposes parties to discrepancies and excessive fees. Stenn allows for a simplified payment method via open account.

Better Choice of Suppliers

With Stenn, importers can source goods directly from manufacturers without having to use agents, intermediaries, or trading companies. This allows for increased margins due to lower cost of goods.

No Cost to the Buyer

Stenn pays the supplier upon shipment by purchasing their invoice issued to you, at a small discount. When the invoice matures and payment is due, you pay Stenn the face value of the invoice. Thus, the cost of financing is absorbed by the supplier.

Supplier’s Advantage

Business growth

Suppliers increase their sales volume by offering open account terms to their buyers, enabling buyers to place larger orders.

Reduce risk

Stenn guarantees payment from buyers. Should a buyer default on a payment due to bankruptcy or insolvency, the supplier is 100% protected.

Collections management

Stenn handles the collection of payments from your buyers, taking away the hassle of collection management. Suppliers don’t need to worry about different time zones or language barriers.

Improve cash flow and
working capital

Access to capital for
materials or to fund growth and investments.


A supplier that offers open account terms can win business in a competitive marketplace.