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Who can apply for invoice finance? Qualifying criteria for buyers
Who can apply for invoice finance? Qualifying criteria for buyers
By Celine Hartmanshenn,
Stenn’s Global Head of Credit
Invoice financing for your purchases - credit limits up to $10M (USD) within 48 hours.
You as an importer...
Buy goods now and pay later.
Get better prices for better trading terms.
Enjoy longer payment terms, up to 120 days.
Onboard new suppliers on your own terms.
Optimize your cash flow, reducing the number of operations.
Your supplier...
Receives 100% invoice payment*
*in two tranches and less any fees
Gets credit protection.
How much will it cost my supplier?
The cost of financing can be as low as 0.2% a week, depending on trade volume.
Stenn will finance invoices for goods you’ve ordered once shipment has been confirmed. You will repay Stenn at maturation of your contract’s trading terms (30-120 days).
Check Cost-Efficiency
$150 000
30 days
We finance:$0
Cost per invoice:
NB. The figures shown in this calculator are for illustrative purposes and do not constitute an offer. Actual funding limits will be set only after invoices are submitted and due diligence carried out.
*Read more in our
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When exporting goods to buyers overseas, suppliers typically wait 30 - 120 days for payment. Such ‘deferred payment’ is normal in international trade but it ties up capital and can have a crippling effect on cash flow and business growth.

Invoice financing (also known as ‘invoice factoring’) provides the exporter with immediate payment of that debt – by transferring money to the supplier as soon as the goods are shipped and collecting money later from the buyer. In this way, the supplier gets the cash without delay and is protected against non-payment.

Read more about invoice financing here.

Stenn offers ‘reverse factoring’ to assist buyers. In this scenario, a buyer can ask a supplier to apply for financing on a transaction they are negotiating. This will mean that the supplier is paid when goods are shipped on an invoice which the buyer will not have to settle until, perhaps, 90, 120 or even 180 days later.

There are several possible advantages for the buyer in this:

  • Scenario 1: The supplier and buyer already trade on a ‘deferred payment’ basis, but the buyer is able to obtain much better prices from the supplier if the invoice can be settled when goods are shipped.
  • Scenario 2: The supplier and buyer already trade on a ‘payment upon shipment’ basis, but the buyer would prefer to move to ‘deferred payments’ to ease its cash flow and benefit from the goods before payment. However, the supplier is unwilling to tie up its working capital for months and take on the risk of non-payment.
  • Scenario 3: The buyer would like to make a first purchase from a new supplier, but the supplier will not agree to deferred payments because of the risk of non-payment with an unknown buyer. The supplier wants to be paid when goods are shipped.

In each of these scenarios, reverse factoring eases cash flow for both parties, eliminates the risk of non-payment and enables new trade deals to be approached with confidence in competitive international markets.

Find out more in this video from Stenn’s Global Head of Credit.

Buyers/importers seeking to finance turnover must demonstrate good credit standing through profitability, positive equity and a reasonable balance. They will need to meet criteria based on the following two scenarios:

Case 1: US-based companies looking for financing up to $500 000 (USD) will need to have been in business for at least 12 months and have an annual sales turnover of at least $500 000 (USD).

We cannot support companies that have filed, or are in the process of filing, for bankruptcy in the past two years.

Case 2: A Euro-based or North American company looking for finance up to $10 million (USD) will need to have been in business for at least 12 months and have an annual sales turnover of at least $3 million (USD).

We cannot support companies that have filed for insolvency in the past two years.

Stenn can finance invoices for a wide range of consumer or professional goods, such as: apparel, automotive parts, electronics, finished goods, food products and ingredients, machinery, equipment, metals, packaging, etc. We can also finance professional services such as software development and consultancy.

Stenn cannot finance invoices connected with oil, gas or coal; conflict minerals; sanctioned goods; weapons and firearms; precious metals.

Your supplier will be an exporter in a country free of sanctions, cannot be one of your affiliated companies or have been forced into bankruptcy.

Stenn’s fees depend on the amount of finance requested, length of term, etc. and range from 0.65% - 3.8% of invoice value. These equate to an Annualized Percentage Rate (APR) of 7.9% - 11.4%.
Faster than a bank, better than a loan

Stenn’s online invoice financing is much faster than a bank (assessment is quick and funds are paid within 48 hours of only two documents being signed) and is better than a loan (it has no influence on credit history, needs no collateral, and requires no lengthy applications and interviews).

Higher funding limits

It also offers a much higher limit than bank credit typically would - up to $10 million (USD) per buyer - and covers you against the risk of your buyer failing to pay your invoice.

Provides huge leverage

It can also give smaller companies tremendous leverage. For example, a company with assets of only $50 000 (USD) could finance a shipment of goods worth $500 000 (USD) if the buyer fits the criteria.

It will provide funding where banks often won’t

Finally, Stenn specializes in financing cross-border trade. Very often banks do not finance international deals because they don’t work in jurisdictions other than their home countries.

Read more about invoice financing here.

There are several reasons why our reputation is so solid:
  • Stenn is based in London and backed by financial giants like HSBC, Barclays, Natixis, Goldman Sachs, and many others.
  • We have financed over $10 Billion (USD) of invoices since our formation in 2015.
  • Stenn has launched a variety of programs to help small and medium-size companies (SMEs) drive international trade in the developing world.
  • We are regularly mentioned in the financial press.
  • Stenn is run by a seasoned team of experts from the finance, FinTech, credit, and risk mitigation sectors. Meet our team here
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Stenn is a market leader in supporting international trade via online invoice financing.

$10 Billion (USD)
of invoices financed since 2015.
74 countries
covered by Stenn’s online trade finance platform.
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How Stenn Works?
How Stenn Works?
Greg Karpovsky,
Stenn’s founder, explains.
Who can apply for invoice finance?
Who can apply for invoice finance?
By Celine Hartmanshenn,
Stenn’s Global Head of Credit
Stenn's factoring service is very good and provides us liquidity during our peak season. We appreciate that Stenn's fees are fair and acceptable.
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Case Studies

Solar Panels, India
Solar Panels, India
$685 334 (USD)
The supplier exports products to one of the leading manufacturers of solar PV mounting systems in North America.
Fish & Seafood, Peru
Fish & Seafood, Peru
$717 958 (USD)
Financial aid for trade – Stenn provided a seven-figure trade finance facility to help a Peruvian frozen seafood exporter expand its business with European buyers.
Wire & Cable, USA
Wire & Cable, USA
$2 172 423 (USD)
We completed a finance program for a maritime wire and cable firm in the USA, importing from suppliers in Canada and China.
Game Developers, Netherlands
Game Developers, Netherlands
$1 909 637 (USD)
A seven-figure trade finance facility for a Dutch game developer. The program is Stenn’s first finance program in the Netherlands to encompass both export and domestic trade.
Electronics, China
Electronics, China
$947 519 (USD)
A Chinese electronics manufacturer, delivering to a wholesale company in the US.
Seafood, Ecuador
Seafood, Ecuador
$2 391 126 (USD)
We are very happy to provide a working capital solution for this seafood exporter in Ecuador, shipping to a customer in Germany.

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