Culture of Stenn

We're powered by people

Shaking up the way global trade works is a team effort. At Stenn, our team is collaborative, enthusiastic and caring. We take pride in solving problems for people across the globe and celebrating awesome results together.

We understand that people need balance to feel their best. That’s why our working environment is open and flexible, custom-built for teamwork and prepped for people to thrive. It’s a pretty great place to be.

Do you have Stenn DNA

Here’s what makes us tick. At the heart of Stenn are our core values which motivate us and make us who we are. If this sounds like you, we’ve already got a lot in common.


We seek excellence – and then we strive to be even better than that. It’s what our clients deserve from us and we love knowing that we’re giving it our all.


We are transparent, honest and ethical in everything we do. We conduct our business in accordance with the very highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.


We’re always curious and searching for new perspectives and ideas. When everyone feels respected and comfortable, everyone can learn from each other.


We pride ourselves on our ability to create forward-thinking solutions. We are constantly improving our products, processes and ourselves to exceed expectations.

We work across the world

We come from all over the globe. It’s wonderful.

Diversity makes us a stronger team. We speak a huge range of different languages and work in eighteen cities across four continents. Our diverse thinking styles, cultures and perspectives mean that we’re constantly learning from one another, expanding our outlooks and enjoying each other’s company.

“Being part of this energetic, proactive and flexible team brings the best out of me and enables me to offer the best solution to our clients. With this team, I am very much prepared to go the extra mile – that’s something which is in the DNA of everyone at Stenn.”

-Kris Venkatesh, Chief Risk Officer-

“Stenn has a rich and diversified work culture, where staff from different cultural and professional backgrounds bring their strengths and ideas into developing and growing this organization. The learning opportunity has been fantastic and something which you wouldn't be able to find in a large corporation.”

-Chantal Joosse, Business Development Director, Strategic Partnerships-

“Stenn’s culture of open and inclusive communication bolsters my decision-making ability and helps me to determine the best solution for our clients and the business. Stenn’s flexible management structure empowers me to take responsibility for the decisions I make, always confident in the outcome due to the guidance and support provided by management.”

-Trevor Rubly, Structuring Manager-

“During my time at Stenn, I’ve witnessed the company’s productivity, diversity, flexibility and prosperity grow from strength to strength. We choose to work with the best of the best in the industry and we support and learn from each other every single day. This makes Stenn perfect for me.”

-Carlos Ma, Senior Customer Success & Retention Manager-

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