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There is no limit
There is no limit to your income. We will fund all your clients that match our requirements.
Stenn support
Our A-Class support team is available 24/7 and will help you to navigate clients and assist with your transactions when needed.
Stenn app for representatives
It takes minutes to register and upload an invoice. Navigate your clients through the app and track your transactions status.
Work on your own pace and schedule.
Guaranteed monthly income
When your portfolio reaches $2m Stenn will pay you guaranteed monthly income in addition to your commission.
No investments needed
Start your own business without initial investments by leveraging your network.


How do I refer companies to Stenn?
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We will provide you with a customized link that is easy to share with your contacts. When one of your contacts requests Stenn financing, you will get the credit. Track the progress of your referrals on the Stenn Circle site.

What kind of financing does Stenn provide?
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Stenn’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) Finance Program is a liquidity and risk mitigation tool to fill a common funding gap in international trade: Suppliers want to be paid at shipment of goods, while their buyers want to pay when the invoice is due, 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days later.

Stenn purchases invoices (accounts receivable) from suppliers, in most cases paying 100% of the invoice amount, less any fees, at the time of shipment of goods. The buyer pays at the invoice due date, remitting payment directly to Stenn.

Can I refer a supplier or a buyer company?
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Yes. Since our financing offers benefits for both buyers and suppliers, our services may be initiated by either the buyer or supplier. Suppliers use Stenn to help develop new business and increase revenue by offering open account terms, which is the preferred payment method for buyers as it maximizes cash flow.

Why should I work with Stenn over other finance providers?
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Here are just a few of the ways that Stenn stands out:

  • In most cases, we advance 100% of the invoice amount less fees.
  • Stenn serves many countries that other providers are unable or unwilling to serve.
  • We have a global footprint of specialists located where trade happens – they understand the local market conditions and practices.
  • Stenn is backed by blue-chip investors that are committed to our mission of providing the working capital to fuel global trade.

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