Ease your cash flows

14 de mayo de 2018

Availability of liquid cash or capital is the life blood of any business and it stands true for both – supplier as well as the buyer. Talk to any manufacturer/ supplier and you are bound to find atleast one mention about receivables stuck with the buyers, while the buyers are always on the lookout for suppliers who offer flexible and convenient payment terms.

As cross-border supply chains have criss-crossed the globe with multinational buyers on one side and an ever-expanding group of suppliers and manufacturers on the other, businesses are increasingly under pressure to free up the working capital imprisoned in their supply chains.

To ensure both manufacturers and buyers do not face capital crunch a new concept of trade financing has been rolled out by Stenn International, a UK-based trade finance provider. Stenn helps buyers by making payment to their suppliers within 5 days of shipment. There is no need for trade insurance and the risk of nonpayment by customers are taken on by Stenn. The buyer can pay back to Stenn on flexible terms.

As the supplier gets instantly paid (by Stenn) for the goods it supplies to the buyer and the buyer gets more flexible terms of payment at Stenn, the concept creates a win-win situation freeing up huge working capital for both parties. Stenn does not require collateral or guarantee from the buyer. Most importantly, it saves the supplier the trouble of chasing payment from the customers.

The concept is simple, Stenn International’s crossborder supply chain financing gives businesses extended payment terms without putting cash flow pressure on supplier or buyer.

STENN optimizes cash flow by permitting businesses to lengthen their payment terms, allowing the buyer to optimize working capital whilst the supplier generates immediate additional operating cash flow.

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