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“The trade finance gap is estimated to be over $1.5 trillion. Our mission is to provide much-needed liquidity in global supply chains.”

Greg Karpovsky, Chairman

Serving a real need, and helping companies grow as a result

Greg Karpovsky, Chairman

In my years as an entrepreneur in receivables finance, I saw first-hand that the lack of access to international trade funding was holding companies back.

Today the need is just as great for solutions to bridge the trade finance gap, which the International Chamber of Commerce estimates to be over 1.5 trillion USD. This is due to three main trends in recent years.

The increase in cross-border trade.

Supply chains are more and more interconnected, reflecting the world at large. Global trade volume grew from 6 trillion USD in 2000 to 15.8 trillion USD in 2016, and according to the Boston Consulting Group, it is expected to grow to 18.7 trillion USD by 2020.

The World Trade Organization and others suggest that as much as 80% of annual global merchandise trade is enabled through some form of trade financing.

Traditional banks not meeting needs.

Yet, in some regions of the world, particularly emerging markets, local banks do not have the capacity to serve all the companies seeking funding. They often focus on large customers, leaving SME suppliers without access to bank financing.

Regulatory and compliance realities are further constraining bank willingness to fund cross- border deals. Capital requirements such as Basel III and vetting regulations such as Know Your Customer have caused banks to take a second look at trade finance.

Open account terms are more common.

Finally, the buyer / supplier balance of power has tipped in the buyer’s favor. It is normal for buyers from large multinational groups, largely in the West, to expect to trade on open account with delayed payment terms of 90-120 days.

Smaller suppliers often do not have the clout to make the same demands of their own vendors, with cash flow issues arising as a result of this imbalance.

By injecting funding into the supply chain, Stenn is serving a real need, for real companies. We have made sure that we’ve done our work – investing in our operation and risk management, putting the right people in place to serve our clients, bringing on investors who believe in our mission – so that our clients can trade with confidence, knowing they have a strong partner in Stenn.

Executive Team

Stenn was founded by an experienced team of executives with a proven track record of building multi-billion dollar accounts receivable portfolios in emerging markets.

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Greg Karpovsky
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Andrey Polevoy
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Dr. Kerstin C. Braun
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Colin Lynch
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Celine Hartmanshenn
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Chris Rigby

Our Global Presence

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Why Stenn?

Work with an experienced, dedicated global team:
  • Specialists in cross-border finance
  • Local presence to understand your specific needs
  • Trusted by customers of all sizes around the globe
  • Respected member of the world’s largest trade finance associations
  • Registered with the FCA (the UK’s financial regulators)
  • Backed by blue-chip investors

Partner with us

Stenn partners with traditional lenders, domestic factors, and other business professionals to provide our specialized international expertise to their clients.

Partners can take advantage of our track record in structuring complex trade finance transactions, and earn incentives for connecting Stenn with potential clients.

To learn more about our Partner Program, please email us at We will contact you to discuss your business and how we can work together.

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