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Who is Stenn's Certified Representative?
Who is Stenn's Certified Representative?
With Alex Vavilov,
Chief Commercial Officer

Have strong connections in the export/import industry?Join Stenn, a world leader in invoice financing, and earn 5% commission per client.

What is the expected yearly turnover your client is ready to finance with Stenn?
Number of clients
Your income, in a year$0
Calculations are based on Stenn’s average practice and should not be considered as an offer. For more details, please register and check our Representative Policy.
Enter your client turnover and calculate your income
Once you have connected Stenn with your client – for one year, you will receive commission payments for financed invoices. Stenn commission is usually calculated based on the annual interest rates, from 7,9% to 13,5%.
Case study
Mr Wong is a Logistics Manager at a big logistics operator, serving small and medium-sized export companies. He decided to become a Stenn Certified Representative last year, to help his clients with turnover financing. He introduced 6 clients from his network to the Stenn financial platform, and now they are using about 5.400.000 USD of Stenn capital to finance their turnover permanently. So, his commission in the past year was 27.000 USD.
How much you can earn from your network?
How much you can earn from your network?
Calculates Chris Rigby,
Stenn’s Group CFO

Stenn is a market leader in supporting international trade via invoice financing online.

$7.0 Billion
invoices financed since 2015
74 countries
covered by Stenn’s online trade finance platform
Data confidentiality
We keep your financial data safe and secure.
Stenn App to track your commission
Use the Stenn App to stay in the loop with your commissions
Live support from Stenn
Get help and professional advice any time you need it.
Fast portfolio growth
There is no limit on how much you can make. We will fund all your clients that meet our requirements.

Four steps to becoming a Stenn Certified Representative and start earning from your professional contact network

Register on It will take less than 5 minutes
Generate and send the referral link to your network with explanations on how to get financed within 48 hours
Help them to upload their first invoice and get financed
Earn 5% commission from Stenn on every invoice you help us to finance
How can I earn commission by working with Stenn?
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Easily. Stenn earns fees from companies that choose to finance their invoices with us. If you introduce a new client who finances at least one invoice with our platform, we will pay you a percentage of the fees we earn on every invoice we finance for that client in their first year with us.

Introducing clients to our platform can be a part-time or full-time activity.

Find out more in this video from Stenn’s Chief Finance Officer.

How do I invite companies to Stenn?
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We have a simple system that provides you with a customized link to share with your contacts. When one of your referred contacts requests Stenn financing, you will be credited. You can track the progress of your referrals on the Stenn platform.
Should I invite a supplier (Exporter) or a buyer (Importer) company?
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Both. Since invoice financing benefits both buyers and suppliers, our services may be initiated by either the buyer or supplier. Suppliers use Stenn to help develop new business relationships and increase their revenue by offering ‘deferred payment’ terms, which is the preferred payment method for buyers as it maximizes their cash flow.
Why should I introduce my contacts to Stenn rather than other finance providers?
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Here are some key reasons:
  • Stenn is the largest and fastest-growing online platform for financing small and medium-size businesses (SMEs) engaged in international trade.
  • We provide rapid financing services in 74 countries.
  • Stenn is fast, automated and easy to use. Using , suppliers can apply for financing from $10 000 to $10 million (USD) by signing only two documents.
  • We assume the risk. Your contacts will not have to repay their finance if the buyer defaults.
  • Stenn’s financing fees are extremely competitive and can be as low as 0.65% per month, depending on the financing volume.
  • We specialize in financing sectors and geographic regions that other providers can’t, or won’t, serve.
  • Stenn’s platform can finance invoices within hours, compared to weeks (or even months) with other organizations.
  • We advance at least 90% of invoice face value, while competitors typically advance 70-80%.

Find out more in this video from Stenn’s founder.

What is a Stenn Certified Representative?
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Stenn Certified Representatives (SCRs) are people who actively connect export/import companies to the Stenn financial platform. They earn commission from successful introductions. It can be a full-time or part-time income opportunity.

Find out more in this video from Stenn’s Chief Commercial Officer.


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