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*NB. The figures shown in this calculator are for illustrative purposes and do not constitute an offer and repayment periods will vary with business performance. Actual funding limits will be set only after the due diligence carried out.

up to 150%

of your monthly sales

Flexible Terms

depending on your needs

fixed fee of 9%

per transaction


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Repayments are done through weekly payments within the period of funding. The size of payment is calculated every week, based on your sales performance (no sales - no payments). As soon as you close the current draw - you are eligible for the new financing. Typical draws are repaid within
6 months with stable revenues.

Companies, selling on

Amazon Seller Central

With $20k+ monthly sales and trading for more than 12 months

Located in the US and trading domestically or internationally

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We’ve funded companies
to a current total of:

$12 Billion (USD)

and are just getting started!

We’re backed by financial
giants like:



and many others.

Based in London, we are
one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

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Revenue based financing ("RBF") is a way for your business to access future revenues today. Stenn provides you an advance on the revenues your business typically books up front, and you can use that capital to grow your business. Each week, you'll repay Stenn a percent of the sales you've had plus a fixed fee until the advanced amount is paid off in full.

Typically, our customers use funds to grow their business by increasing marketing spend, investing in inventory, or building out new offerings.

Repayments for your draw are calculated on a weekly basis as a fixed percent of that week's sales. As your revenues grow (or fall), your repayment amount similarly adjusts. You won't have to worry about making fixed payments in your slow period.

In order to accurately assess your business, the application process requires you to provide read-only connections to your business' operating bank account, accounting software, and sales platform. To make this process as easy as possible, Stenn has partnered with Codat & Plaid to provide secure connections to your business' data.

Stenn is a UK based alternative financier backed by some of the world's largest financial providers like HSBC, Barclays, Natixis, Goldman Sachs (and many more)! We've funded over $10B since 2015.

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