What we do

Financing your potential.

Stenn purchases accounts receivable and funds purchase orders, freeing up working capital for buyers and suppliers engaged in international trade.

Liquidity when and where you need it.

Stenn operates around the world, with a commitment to providing best-in-class products and client service.

Accounts receivable (A/R) finance

Stenn’s A/R Finance program is a liquidity and risk mitigation tool that allows suppliers to get paid earlier on their international sales. Suppliers are able to offer open account terms, which is the preferred method for buyers as it maximizes cash flow.


Receive up to 100% of the invoice value less a small discount at shipment of goods. Safely increase sales volumes by offering open account terms to buyers.Stenn purchases invoices on a non-recourse basis, meaning the risk of buyer non-payment is transferred from the supplier to Stenn.


Procure goods on extended payment terms without putting cash flow pressure on your supplier.Receive goods and convert them to revenue without tying up availability under existing credit lines or outlaying cash for procurement.

How it works


Stenn establishes a buyer credit limit and discount rate based on our internal credit analysis.


The buyer confirms the purchase order and payment instructions from the supplier.


The supplier ships/ delivers goods to the approved buyer and invoices on open account terms.


Stenn pays the supplier immediately upon shipment by purchasing the invoice with a small discount.


On the due date, the buyer pays Stenn the face value of the invoice.

Purchase order finance

Stenn’s Purchase Order Finance is used by companies that need additional working capital during expansion or peak seasons. Suppliers receive funds before the buyer is invoiced.

Stenn fills the gap between the buyer’s need to pay at delivery to a final named destination and the supplier’s need for payment at the time of shipping. Stenn advances funds to the supplier at time of shipment while the buyer receives longer payment terms.

Purchase order financing can be used in combination with our A/R finance program to support the whole supply chain.

Pre-shipment finance

Stenn’s Pre-Shipment Finance is provided to the supplier for sourcing, manufacture, or conversion of materials into finished goods that are then delivered to a buyer.

Upon receipt of a non-cancelable purchase order from a buyer, Stenn provides a Letter of Credit to the supplier, which can be monetized for funds to complete the order. At shipment, Stenn purchases the invoice at 100% of its value less discount. The buyer pays Stenn later, at the invoice due date.

Pre-shipment financing can be used in combination with our A/R finance program to support the whole supply chain.