What we do

We provide suppliers and intermediaries with timely capital to produce goods and fill orders.

Stenn purchases accounts receivable and finances purchase orders.

Our programs give buyers the benefit of paying later, after they’ve had time to sell the goods.

The Stenn Advantage

Our solutions deliver liquidity into
global supply chains, ensuring cash flow and boosting sales, without impacting existing
financing arrangements.

Our story
Our global presence
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Headquarters London


USA: New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles

Europe: London, Hamburg, Stuttgart

Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, New Delhi, Mumbai

Our story
What makes Stenn different?

We created Stenn to fuel international trade. We serve companies across
the globe and across a wide range of markets, offering trade finance facilities
that other providers can’t or won’t provide. Stenn aims to be a fast, flexible,
and reliable resource for our clients with:

A product range
that covers the entire
supply chain

A global footprint close
to buyers, suppliers and intermediaries

An experienced
team with a proven
track record

Blue chip investors
that back our mission

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News & Updates
Stenn making waves
Warehouse worker supplier shipping goods
Accounts Receivable Financing for Suppliers: 5 Benefits

by Kerstin Braun

Warehouse worker supplier shipping goods
Stenn International President Kerstin Braun Comments on B2B Trade Finance in Financial Times Feature

In a recent Financial Times article, Stenn President Kerstin Braun supports the Stenn trade finance model, which allows it to offer short-term funding to mid-sized firms underserved by banks.

How Investors Make Money When Companies Take Longer to Pay Their Bills