When your business needs cash

Convert your invoices into cash with a leading online lender

High limit
Up to $10M
We finance your invoices with a total limit of up to 10 million USD. Boost your turnover!
48 hours
We can do it online in 48 hours. No need to leave the office.
Only 2 docs
To start financing: get your Stenn contract and buyer’s notification signed
5.0 Bn USD of invoices financed since 2015
Why do thousands of exporters convert their invoices into cash with Stenn?
What is Stenn?
What is Stenn?
Explains Greg Karpovsky,
the Founder
A turnover boost – no need to wait for deferred payments.
Quickly finance the supply of raw materials for the next production cycle.
Instant coverage of urgent business needs – taxes, debts, salaries.
You have a new buyer and need payment insurance.
The bank can’t support you (or you’re over the limits).
No financials or collateral needed.
Check cost-efficiency
Sum of invoice$150,000
Payment terms30 days
We finance$
Cost per-invoice
*Read more in our
How Stenn Works?
How Stenn Works?
Explains Greg Karpovsky,
the Founder
Who can apply for invoice finance?
Who can apply for invoice finance?
By Celine Hartmanshenn,
the Global Head of Credit
How to get financed?

Register with Stenn.com

Upload your invoices to get limits on your buyers

Get your cash in 48 hours once the documents are signed

Stenn is a market leader in supporting international trade via invoice financing online.

$5.0 Billion
invoices financed since 2015
74 countries
covered by Stenn’s online trade finance platform
Data confidentiality
We keep your financial data safe and secure.
Web app to fully track transactions
Use the Stenn App to stay in the loop with your invoice finance transactions.
Live support from Stenn
Get help and professional advice any time you need it.

Case studies

Solar panels, India
Solar panels, India
The supplier exports products to one of the leading manufacturers of solar PV mounting systems in North America.
Fish & Seafood, Peru
Fish & Seafood, Peru
Financial aid for trade – Stenn provided a seven-figure trade finance facility to help a Peruvian frozen seafood exporter expand its business with European buyers.
Wire & Cable, USA
Wire & Cable, USA
We completed a finance program for a maritime wire and cable firm in the USA, importing from suppliers in Canada and China.
Game developer, Netherlands
Game developer, Netherlands
A seven-figure trade finance facility for a Dutch game developer. The program is Stenn’s first finance program in the Netherlands to encompass both export and domestic trade.
Electronics, China
Electronics, China
A Chinese electronics manufacturer, delivering to a wholesale company in the US.
Seafood, Ecuador
Seafood, Ecuador
We are very happy to provide a working capital solution for this seafood exporter in Ecuador, shipping to a customer in Germany.
What is invoice financing and how does it help businesses around the world?
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Small and medium-sized companies exporting goods overseas should typically wait for the payment for 30-120 days (a normal rule in international trade, called ‘deferred payment’). Stenn offers immediate coverage of that debt – by transferring the money to the exporter now and collecting money from the buyer at a certain time. So, the exporter gets the cash as soon as the good is shipped and is protected from a possible non-payment. The cost of that financing is usually 1.2% - 2.7% of the invoice value. This is not a big price for unfreezing the turnover money and receiving non-payment protection and insurance. It is faster than a bank (48 hours) and better than a credit (no influence on banking credit history).
What is the limit of financing?
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For fast financing, the system allows 10 million USD per one buyer.
What new documents do I need to sign?
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A contract with Stenn Financing Platform and a notice with the buyer.
How soon will the money reach my account?
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As soon as all documents are signed and invoices approved, the transfer of funds takes up to 48 hours.
What is Stenn?
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It is an international financial provider based in the UK, chosen for providing financial support within the NICP.
About Stenn
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Stenn International is a UK-based, non-bank trade finance provider that delivers innovative solutions to unlock working capital for buyers and suppliers in global supply chains. We specialise in financing sectors and geographic regions that other providers can’t or won’t serve, with a goal of fuelling international trade for all. Read more here.
Stenn's factoring service is very good and provides us liquidity during our peak season. We appreciate that Stenn's fees are fair and acceptable.
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