Fast, Secure Trade Financing

Make your cash flow - with Stenn.

Make your
cash flow –

with Stenn.

Global success demands fast and flexible finance solutions. Stenn offers them. Spend less time talking to your bank and more time talking to your customers. Simple. Reliable. Smart.

Fast, Secure Trade Financing

At Stenn, ROI Means Return on Invoice.

At Stenn,
ROI Means
Return on Invoice.

Looking for the key to consistent liquidity? Welcome to Stenn! Our innovative trade financing help you lock in your profits, not your working capital. Simple. Reliable. Smart.

Fast, Secure Trade Financing

Trade Without Barriers.


Stenn trade finance solutions provide fuel for global supply chains. Fast, secure trade financing. For buyers and suppliers around the world. Simple. Reliable. Smart.

What We Do

How It Works

Stenn purchases accounts receivable and finances purchase orders.


In over 50 countries, Stenn helps suppliers in diverse industries turn orders and invoices into ready cash. We transfer payment right away, 100% reliably. That’s why small and mid-sized exporters around the world, from Asia to South America, count on Stenn to make their cash flow.


Liquidity? Stenn makes banks superfluous.

Stenn allows buyers to pay later, so their capital isn’t tied up in goods and inventory. This consistent liquidity brings a greater flow of goods, more time to make sales, and more profit. And: Stenn works with buyers of all sizes!


Join the Stenn Affiliate Program

Get paid for your trade network. Refer buyer and supplier contacts to Stenn and receive a commission for each trade we finance for them. All you have to do is make the introduction – we take care of the rest.

Why Stenn

Your Advantage

Suppliers Don't Wait
Buyers Sell Now

Our Story

We Turn Capital into Cash.

The idea behind Stenn is simple: The best minds in finance offer suppliers and buyers what they urgently need – fast, flexible, reliable financial solutions to improve liquidity for international business. So Stenn accelerates global trading in four ways:

With products and services supporting the entire supply chain.

With a global footprint, very close to the customer.

With an experienced team of experts.

With blue-chip investors who back our mission.

Our Mission

“The trade finance gap is estimated to be over $1.5 trillion. Our mission is to provide much-needed liquidity in global supply chains.”

-Greg Karpovsky, Chairman-

The Stenn Advantage

Your cash-flow is our business.

At Stenn, we work with the best minds in international finance. Together they have over 125 years of experience, and are backed by renowned investors, including French banking giant Natixis, and AIG. These capital partners invest more than half a billion euros in Stenn’s agility and professionalism. Stenn is also a member of IFA, FCI and woa.

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An International Presence

Trade Without Borders.

Decide quickly. Act flexibly. And support your cross-border trade with exceptional financial expertise. We have 18 branch offices around the world.

London New York Miami Dallas Los Angeles Berlin Singapore Hong Kong Shanghai Guangzhou Hangzhou Mumbai Chennai Amsterdam Düsseldorf Qingdao Suzhou Buenos Aires

Headquarters London


USA: New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles

South America: Buenos Aires

Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, London

Asia: Mumbai, Chennai, Singapore, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Suzhou, Shanghai

News & Updates

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